The TINA Plan


Trust in Teachers & Parents

Local Control

I believe our parents and local stakeholders know what is best for our students. Those of us on the ground in Brevard County have our fingers on the pulse of our education needs much more precisely than D.C. bureaucrats. While school funding sources come in many forms, I will work to strengthen local control and give parents a more powerful decision-making voice.

Improved Teacher Retention and Morale

Our teachers are an integral and priceless part of our education system, and the latest statistics here, and nationally, regarding low retention rates, diminished morale, and general shortages are dismaying. I know we can do better and will seek to promote enhanced professional development opportunities for our teachers; give them a strengthened voice in communicating classroom concerns; and work to improve compensation with existing funds in our school budget.

Integrity - Open Communication

Parents, teachers, and all education stakeholders are better positioned to solve problems and address needs if an environment of free and open communication is established. From our local legislative delegation down to the children in public schools, and everyone in between, we all have valuable ideas to offer and unique insights into how to improve our school system. On the school board, I will foster a spirit of open communication by having an open-door policy; visiting individual schools regularly; sending out periodic newsletters to keep District 3 informed; and being always available to meet with concerned constituents.

No More Wasting Taxpayer Dollars - Fiscal Integrity

The varied education needs of our schools can be adequately addressed with smarter budget management practices, not increased funding and higher taxes. Many financial reforms can be introduced to improve the way we allocate revenues, so that every dollar in our nearly $1 billion budget is wisely spent. I will seek to require competitive bidding for all contracts exceeding $25,000; mandate that large expenditures are subject to more than one signature of approval; review our current budget line-by-item to identify and eliminate waste; and increase public transparency by making our entire budget easily accessible online.

Strong Advocacy for Children

Our local student population is a very valuable, yet vulnerable, part of our beautiful county. Our students are the future of Brevard– they are our future business owners, employees, teachers, senior caregivers, parents, and leaders. It is incumbent upon us to give our kids the tools they need now so that they reach success in these roles later on. Additionally, our children need to be protected at all times and should always have a safe and secure school environment, so they can focus on learning and developing. As a school board member, I will advocate for our students’ needs every day and always put their interests first.

 A Word about Common Core

There are numerous reasons I oppose Common Core for Brevard students.  First, the loss of state and local control over the curriculum choices for our students is problematic.  The implementation of Common Core Standards infringes on the fundamental rights of parents to oversee their children's education.  Another concern is the effect the implementation has had on the teaching profession and student learning.  Common Core is a one-size-fits-all approach that works directly against our professionally trained teachers and their ability to teach children with their unique abilities and characteristics in mind.