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Driven to Make Sure Brevard County is the Best Community in our Country

-Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey

Brevard Voters Have a Clear Choice in this Race
I am very pleased to endorse Tina Descovich for School Board, District 3, and feel strongly that she is our best candidate in this race, who deserves your support. I know Tina. She has business experience and a long track record of working hard to make our schools better. With children in the public school system and experience working within the schools, she knows what it takes to do this job right. What is most important to me is that Tina supports school choice, vouchers, and charter schools. She agrees that competition is a good thing and it can work to make education better, just like it does in the free market. By contrast, her opponent, Darcey Addo, is opposed to these types of common sense options for families. Brevard voters have a clear choice in this race, and I ask you to join me in supporting Tina Descovich for School Board, District 3.
-Dr. Dave Weldon, Former United States Congressman

Trust Worthy Professional with a Strong Work Ethic

I have had the opportunity to work with Tina on many occasions over the last 12 years. From Northrop Grumman to her serving as the PTO President at my son's school, Tina has always proven to be a trust worthy professional with a strong work ethic.  She has devoted countless hours to the children in our community and she has personally taken the time to help us navigate the best decisions for our son concerning the state standardize testing. I am proud to have nominated and had her unanimously approved to Indialantic's Zoning and Planning Board where she currently serves as our Towns liaison to the School Board. I support Tina and I am confident she will be a great representative for our community on the School Board.

-Dave Berkman, Mayor, Town of Indialantic

Developed Strong Unified Culture

Nothing is impossible for Tina. As order volumes for Chatbooks took off, our customer support issues took off as well. Almost overnight, Tina created an incredibly successful customer support team made up entirely of part-time women working remotely from their homes across the country - the Chatbooks #momforce. Tina created processes and implemented software tools that allowed the group to work effectively even though they never met in person. Through Tina's leadership the group developed a strong and unified culture that continues to this day.

-Nate Quigley, CEO & Cofounder of Chatbooks inc.

Ready to Take Action
The one thing I have watched Tina do over the past 10 years is take action.  When our playground at Indialantic Elementary was unexpectedly condemned and we were told it would take 3-5 years to have a new one installed she went to work and with her leadership, we opened our playground and held our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in just 5 months!  As our PTO President she worked with our principal to meet all the strategic plans he set for our school.  She worked to build relationships with parents, teachers, students and the business community for the betterment of our school.  I feel confident that Tina will continue to take action, listen to the needs of our community, and make a difference for our schools, our teachers, our students, and our families of Brevard County.
-Barb Gornto, Cognaitve Therapist & Owner of Just Think!

A True Leader
As a teacher at Indialantic Elementary School for two decades, I have seen many PTO Presidents come and go. Never have I seen such an energetic, get-things-done, dedicated President as Tina Descovich. She re-energized our PTO, showing strong leadership, integrity, ingenuity and passion. The organization became a vital part of our school. Tina is committed to furthering education in Brevard County. She has my unwavering support.
-Mary Kublin, Teacher, Brevard County Schools

Commitment to Excellence

I have known Tina Descovich for approximately ten years and have worked with her in various capacities during that time.  She has proven to be a dynamic and highly motivated individual with the capacity to get things going and get things done.  Her diverse talents and broad experience combined with a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence help to ensure success in all that she does.  She is a strong visionary, planner, organizer, leader, team builder, and communicator.  She has a track record of building loyal partnerships with the key players and organizations involved in any of her projects, and she succeeds in all she does by building bridges and is never intimidating or threatening.  Those who interact with Tina tend to have almost immediate respect and admiration for her.  I am confident that Tina would be a great asset to any organization and would work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for any project.

-Fran Stewart, U.S. Government Supervisory Computer Specialist, Retired

Respects the Role of a Parent

The most important thing about Tina is that she understands and respects the role of a parent in the education process.  Putting parent's and teacher's opinions first is what makes her an excellent candidate for the school board!
-Marie Rogerson, Parent

Efficient Administration
I've had the pleasure of knowing and serving with Tina for the past 5 years in the community as I served with her on the board of Friends of Sally's House and also in church leadership. She is a woman of integrity. She follows her word with action. She is honest, tells it like it is and means what she says. Tina has pride in her community and compassion for those she serves. She also has a good eye for the big picture and efficient administration. Tina cares about our county's students, teachers and parents, and district needs in an encompassing way that looks out for the best interests of all. She is always considering ways to strengthen our local school system. I know our county and all those involved in the school system will be greatly benefitted from her service.
-Christi Dieckman, MA, Case Manager Students-In-Transition Eckerd Kids, Brevard County Schools

Works DiligentlyTina Descovich has my full support as a school board candidate. I have seen her take school related programs and make positive, remarkable changes. She has moral integrity as a mom, wife, friend, colleague, and community member. She has vested personal interest in all age groups of our public school system,  even having walked in our shoes as a substitute teacher. She is kind, honest, considerate, generous, listens, and truly cares about issues that really matter. Tina works diligently to address appropriate agencies with relevant data to instill truth in the educational system. She is not afraid of financial obstacles, but is a fundraiser and problem solver. She has amazing relationship skills and she can work within healthy boundaries. It is with heartfelt sincerity that I endorse Tina Descovich as the Brevard School Board Candidate who will ensure progress for our students, teachers, and schools!
-Wendy Iverson, 6th grade Teacher, Indialantic Elementary, Brevard County Schools

Smart, Educated, Pragmatic, Thoughtful, Level-headed

I believe in Tina Descovich.  I have worked with her on the board of Sally's Friends and seen her do great things as the President of the Indialantic Elementary PTO. She is a smart, educated, pragmatic, thoughtful, level-headed, successful professional and mother. She is running for an open seat on the school board being vacated by Amy Kneessy and she has my support.

-Brooke Deratany Goldfarb JD, President, Peaceful Beach Mediation & Collaboration, Inc.


Passion and Commitment to Education

I have worked with Tina Descovich and the National Air Sea and Space Foundation on the Melbourne Air and Space Shows. In her role coordinating the volunteers, she has galvanized a strong team of Volunteers to support the shows and foundation in many different ways. She is thoughtful, respectful and considerate to the people who give of their time to make each event a success. As a longtime resident of Brevard County, I am thrilled that she has decided to run for School Board. Her passion and commitment to education will shape the future of the next generation and contribute to making Brevard County a better place to live and work. I hope everyone will support her run for the board!

-Mark Luba, Owner, Operations & Entertainment Business Services

Confidence, Integrity, High Morals & Very Driven

Tina Descovich exudes confidence, integrity, high morals, and a very driven attitude. Exactly the type of person I want representing our children on the Brevard County School Board.

-Les Hatter, Vice President, Five Guys of Central Florida

Common Sense Approach to Education

I am a mother of two school-aged children and a very active volunteer at two Brevard schools. I have seen first-hand the critical mistakes made by the existing school board and the need to get back to a common sense approach for relevant education. I have worked with Tina on numerous community and school projects and I am confident that Tina's common sense approach to education will keep Brevard County at the forefront of academic excellence.
-Joy Wheatley, Parent


Trust Her Unequivocally

Tina is a very driven and hard-working woman.  I have seen first-hand how honest and heart felt her actions are.  I trust her unequivocally with overseeing the future of my children and their education.

-Denise Wiley, Parent

Advocate for Children

Tina is an advocate for children. Her dedication has made a huge difference for my youngest son.  In 6th grade he earned straight A's, was presented the President's Award for Academic Achievement, won 2nd place in a city wide essay contest and received special permission from his reading teacher to take Spanish 1 in 7th grade for high school credit.  The same year he failed the reading portion of the state standardized test.
State law at the time mandated that he could not take Spanish and he was placed in an intensive reading class for the entire year. This class, we were assured, was designed to help with reading comprehension and with the state tests. At the end of the year he scored even lower on the reading potion of the test.  AGAIN he was placed in intensive reading (which kept him from electives) for his 8th grade year.
It was during this time Tina organized the Opt Out Brevard group and was meeting with state and local leaders to spotlight the failings and wastefulness of the mandated "High Stakes" tests.  Thanks to the efforts of Tina, when the new test was given our family was empowered with the information needed to make the best choice for our son, so he minimally participated.  At the same time and under much pressure the legislature voted to end mandatory remediation!  This year my son is FINALLY able to enjoy Spanish instead of wasting another year in a remediation class that he did not need.

-Kim Hannan, Parent

Willing to Go the Extra Mile
We believe Tina Descovich to be one of the kindest and most willing women to ask questions, remain committed, and always go the extra mile if necessary.  She is sincerely kind, compassionate, and driven to help children from all walks of life. She is a natural leader willing to ask questions and LISTEN to answers and various opinions. As we observed many times throughout our children's elementary school years, Tina genuinely wants to help children feel confident, safe, loved, and secure at school. Over the past five years, we have seen her be incredibly generous with her personal time and money. We, wholeheartedly, support Tina Descovich for our School Board. The local community is lucky to have her on our childrens' team.
-Mrs. Wray Benezra

Sees the Whole Picture

I think Tina will be the best choice for school board representative because she sees the whole picture.  She not only sees the parental point of view, but also talks to teachers to hear where support is needed in our classrooms.   I have the utmost respect for all that Tina has done, and will continue to do, for our school and community.

-Amanda McCaughin, Second Grade Teacher, Indialantic Elementary School

Knowledge and Experience to Make Informed Decisions
Tina Descovich is not only a good friend of mine, but a concerned mother who wants the best for the future of her children's education. She doesn't assume she knows all the answers: she asks questions, gets feedback, and uses her knowledge and experience to make informed decisions. She's got my vote!
-Colleen Johnson

Common Sense Problem Solving

I am confident her steadfast commitment to education and common sense problem solving ideas will make Tina a valuable asset on our school board.

-Mildred Prieto

Person for the Job

Tina the the person for the job. Everything she puts her heart into soars! Brevard County will be lucky to have her on our school board.

-Todd & Angela Braid


Common Sense, Courage and Dedication
Tina Descovich has the common sense, courage and dedication that our school board needs to overcome the complicated issues that face our schools.  Her leadership will, without a doubt, bring about the positive, systemic change that the Brevard County Public School system so desperately needs.
-Colonel and Mrs. Jason J. Lagasca

A Fine Example
I have known Tina for fifteen years, I cannot count the times I have heard, second hand, of service she has given and never uttered a word.  Big things.  Notable service that really means a lot to those she is helping.  She gives her time, shows up early, stays late, and pretty much keeps her mouth shut about it.  It happened to me again today, I was at a mutual friends business, he said, man, Tina really saved us last week, we were is a stressful situation, and trying to make programs for a loved one's funeral, having all sorts of frustration, Tina took the task over and did a beautiful job.  We were so appreciative.  I just had to nod my head, yes, that sounds like something she would do.  She goes about her days doing good when she is able, and is not concerned about getting credit for it.  She is a fine example I look up to.
-Melissa Christensen  

Committed and True to Her Word
I have known Tina for over a decade. We worked together for many years building an organization and raising funds for a non-profit group, benefiting women and children. Tina is a dedicated "workhorse". Not once did she not follow through with an assignment or obligation. She is creative and committed and true to her word. Brevard County is so lucky that Tina has turned her focus on the future and education of our children. She will do an amazing job! I know from experience. Tina is a mom, a professional, a volunteer and a true fighter in every sense of the word.
-Dana McArthur

Finds the Right Solutions

I have known Tina for 13 years and she has always been caring, compassionate and educated on a variety of issues and in multiple leadership roles. She works diligently to find the right solutions to challenges that are presented and she is the best choice for the school board as she will make a difference in the lives of our children.

-Tandy Baerst

Highly Qualified I have worked with Tina for many years.  She contributed greatly to Sally's Friends since the beginning.  She did such an outstanding job soliciting and training volunteers for the Air Show that another state invited her. Now with a son in elementary and one in high school she sees the needs of education and is highly qualified to address their problems.

-Dorothy Russell

Passion to Make a Positive Difference

Tina Descovich is informed, intelligent and inspiring.  Tina gave tirelessly of her time and leadership skills as PTO President at Indialantic Elementary school. Her passion to make a positive difference is encouraging.  Tina will take the initiative to do what's right, and she has a talent for motivating others into action. Our school district would be fortunate to have Tina on the board.
-Debbie Fry, Network/Technology Services Associate, Brevard Public Schools

Fully Committed
I have known Tina Descovich for over 10 years teaching her 2 boys at Indialantic Elementary School. Tina is a mom who is fully committed to her children's education. She represented our PTO as president and worked with our administration to make changes positively impacting our students and school.  She would be an outstanding addition to The Brevard County School Board.
-Paula Goodman, Physical Educator, Indialantic Elementary School

Motivated and Qualified
I first met Tina when our boys were in Kindergarten, 10 years ago! She was as motivated about education then, as she is now. Year after year, education was the hot subject with Tina. She has also been a huge advocate of Internet safety with her children and the children in our community. I have also had the pleasure of having Tina as a classroom parent in my own classroom. I can't think of a more motivated or qualified person to be on the school board advocating for our students.
-Jennifer Keller, Teacher

A Rare Find
I met Tina last year at the Melbourne Air Show while she was presenting to the volunteers. I judge people by how I feel about them at my first meeting. Tina is a nice lady and a family person. I hadn't known her before this, but to me she is a rare find.  She was always cheerful, very thorough in her work, and took charge without being annoying.I was a Fire Battalion Chief and served 22 years in that profession, and there is a certain persona you need to be a leader and also liked, which not many achieve. Being the head honcho so to speak makes  a lot of people change, or so it seems. They really don't change, they only show who they really are because now they make the decisions. In my opinion, Tina will make sure that the children of the school district will get what they deserve in education. I can say 1000% without hesitation, that she will do an outstanding job.
-Albert J. Cerrato, Retired Yonkers, NY Fire